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20 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell

Cold Calling: 10 Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Success Rate

5 Steps to Cold Calling that Won’t Leave You Out in the Cold

Cold Calling Conversion Funnel Metrics and Benchmarks

Seven Secrets to Cold Calling Success

Should You Give […]

email sending limits per hour/day

have a look and decide which one is for you.

have a look and decide which one is for you.

Coupons, Vouchers and Gift Cards


“Coupons usually have an expiration date and they are associated with a discount on a specified product… Coupons are often published in newspaper, magazines and sometimes even in the books. Usually you cut them out or use the number imprinted on it to get a discount.”

“Vouchers also have an expiration date. Unlike […]

Online Advertising jargon

Accessing Outlook Express via API

Outlook Express API by Nektra

Outlook express access using C#

How to access Outlook and post to a blog using C#

An Introduction to Programming Outlook 2003 Using C#

Howto become a hosting service company? :-)

If you experience problems using MS pop service on Win2003, give a chance to “Free Pop/Smtp Email Server Application”

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SEO and PR wars!

Backlinks Analyzer Tool

Google’s Webmaster Central

Experimental Google 🙂 Your web site from Google’s point of view – Google Webmaster Tools Google for Webmasters Video

Recommendation Engines

“People who bought this item also bought the following” kind of cross sell functionality. A Simple Recommender System – The Collaborative Network Library, By edeferia Wiki page of “Recommender System” Duine Prediction Framework

Analytics Software


Cognitive Analytics

Tradeoff Analytics

Watson Tradeoff Analytics Service

sample app on property choices

20+ Emotion Recognition APIs That Will Leave You Impressed, and Concerned

Tone Analyzer

Getting Started with Watson Developer Cloud Services —


web analytics software


One of the most […]

Rule Engines

Why use a Rule Engine?Short answers are as follows:* The logic changes often* The problem is just too fiddly for traditional code.* The problem is beyond any obvious algorithm based solution.* Domain experts (or business analysts) are readily available, but are nontechnical.

Top 10

open source rule engine in java

open source rule engine in […]