Creating an Auction site using MS Commerce Server

In this article i will abstractly describe howto create an auction site using microsoft commerce server.

Either you look at the Cs2009 RtmSamples or to other sample codes of MSCS you will see that product is added to the shopping cart with its price. However when Total.pcf and Basket.pcf pipelines are run the catalogQueryInfo pipeline […]

How to obtain User Profile Metadata , Commerce Server 2009

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To retrieve metadata for the UserProfile entity, use the following syntax:var query = new CommerceQuery<CommerceEntityDefinition, CommerceModelSearch<CommerceEntity>>(); query.SearchCriteria.Model.ModelName = “UserProfile”;If you have strongly-typed wrapper classes, including a UserProfile wrapper class then this syntax should be used:var query = new CommerceQuery<CommerceEntityDefinition, CommerceModelSearch<UserProfile>>();

Notes on DPAPI and ProfileKeyManager

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Web Farm Considerations

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