IRM – Information Rights Management

Configure IRM to use an on-premises AD RMS server

Configure IRM to use Azure Rights Management Plan Information Rights Management in Office 2013


Cybercrime, Dark web, Deep web

Dark web “The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets, overlay networks which use the public Internet but which require specific software, configurations or authorization to access.[2][3] The dark web forms a small part of the deep web, the part of the Web not indexed by search engines, although sometimes […]


Difference Between PGP and GPG

Difference Between PGP and GPG

openpgp, pgp, and gpg: what is the difference?

Azure Service Bus Relay

How to Use the Service Bus Relay Service

My Hello Azure Service Bus WCF Service–Step by step guide

Fun with the Service Bus Relay (Part 1)

How to Use the Service Bus Relay Service


Tunnelling Software

BarbaTunnel: Project Description

A layer that hide, redirect. forward, re-encrypt internet packet to keep VPN, Proxies and other p2p software hidden from Firewall. Free implementation for HTTP-Tunnel, UDP-Tunnel, port forwarding, port redirecting and packet re-encryption that can work in network data-link layer and transport layer. ref:



How to create an Open ID Provider server?

How to create your own Open ID provider server?

How to Set Up OpenID on Your Own Domain

Cryptography in .NET Framework 4

Application of Cryptography in .NET Framework 4 — Hashing : MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 Symmetric : DES, RC2, Rijndael, TripleDES Asymmetric : DSA, RSA reference: MSDN page: “System.Security.Cryptography Namespace”

What ASP.NET Programmers Should Know About Application Domains and Application Pools

What ASP.NET Programmers Should Know About Application Domains

Application vs. AppDomain

What is the diff. b/w Application Domain & Application Pool in .NET?

Thoughts on ApplicationPool recycling and application availability

HOWTO: Basics of II6 troubleshooting

Troubleshooting process

Rico Mariani’s Performance Tidbits – When to call GC.Collect()


Filmon, Regmon, and Security Issues are explained

Mark Russinovich’s technical blog covering topics such as Windows troubleshooting, technologies and security.

Buffer Overflows in Regmon Traces

Buffer Overflows in Filemon

You receive an “HTTP Error 401.1 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials” error message when you try to access a Web site that is part of an IIS 6.0 application […]

Scent of Code Access Security

“Configuring .NET Code Access Security”

“How do you change the trust level for an ASP.NET application?”