Howto Configure Commerce Server Staging service to use Sql Server db not Access file!

How to configure Commerce Server Staging to log to SQL database

Accessing Microsoft Commerce Server 2007/2009 ConnectionStrings


If you are using Microsoft Commerce Server 2007/2009 (MSCS) and if you have one commerce starter site then you will have 7 databases in your Sql Server. The databases are listed as following:

1. SiteName_ProductCatalog 2. SiteName_Profiles 3. SiteName_Marketing 4. SiteName_MarketingLists 5. SiteName_Transactions 6. SiteName_TransactionConfig 7. SiteName_DataWareHouse

If you […]

Unable to open shim database version registry key – v2.0.50727.00000.

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FIX: A .NET Framework 2.0-based application may require read/write permissions to a registry key even though the application only has to read the registry key

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