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How to backtest a MACD Trading Strategy in Excel – Part 1 How to Calculate and use the MACD Indicator in MS Excel How to Become a Better Trader – Backtest Your Own Trading Systems

How to Become a Better Trader – Backtest Your Own Trading Systems


trading documentaries, tutorials, videos

Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3)

Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 2 of 3)

Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 3 of 3)


This Animation Of 32 Years’ Worth Of Treasury Yield Curves Is Mesmerizing

What is a yield curve? – MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

What is a Yield […]

popular currency pairs in forex trading

EUR/USD (euro/dollar) – “euro” USD/JPY (U.S. dollar/Japanese yen) – “gopher” GBP/USD (British pound/dollar) – “cable” USD/CHF (U.S. dollar/Swiss franc) – “swissie”

AUD/USD (Australian dollar/U.S. dollar) – “aussie” USD/CAD (U.S. dollar/Canadian dollar) – “loonie” NZD/USD (New Zealand dollar/U.S. dollar) – “kiwi” Majors: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF Commodity Pairs: AUD/USD, USD/CAD, NZD/USD



Scalping […]

Forex in Turkey

forex trading in turkey “LEVERAGE AND COLLATERAL The full amount of the leverage used by the investor must be collateralized in cash, in Turkish Lira or a convertible currency. The parties may freely determine the leverage ratio, but it cannot exceed 100:1. This means, the investor is required to deposit at least 1% of the […]

Technical Indicators FX Traders Must Know

4 Types Of Indicators FX Traders Must Know

Top 5 Forex Indicators And How To Use Them

Quotation Styles EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, FJD, TOP, WST, PGK, BWP, SBD, USD There is a market convention that determines for any currency pair which currency is CCY1 and CCY2, based on the value of each […]

Quantitative Trading

“Trading strategies based on mathematical computations and number crunching to identify trading opportunities.”


Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic Trading Developer

The Future of Algorithmic Trading – New Assets, Techniques and Technology

Genetic Algorithm Systematic Trading Development– Part 2

How Algorithmic Trading Works

How to Learn Algorithmic Trading

Market Data Firm Spots the Tracks of Bizarre Robot Traders

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