WCF routing

Hello World routing sample

Bridging and Error Handling routing sample

Advanced Filters routing sample

Dynamic routing sample

Advanced error handling routing sample

Routing topic on MSDN — full coverage of services, contracts, filters, and scenarios

Routing Rules! Blog — the entire blog is about the routing service and the different scenarios it enables. Take a […]

WCF Async Operations in .NET

Task-based asynchronous operation in WCF http://rashimuddin.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/task-based-asynchronous-operation-in-wcf/

Async WCF Today and Tomorrow http://blog.stephencleary.com/2012/08/async-wcf-today-and-tomorrow.html

Managed Services Engine

quoted from http://servicesengine.codeplex.com/

“The Managed Services Engine (MSE) is one approach to facilitating Enterprise SOA through service virtualization. Built upon the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and the Microsoft Server Platform, the MSE was developed by Microsoft Services as we helped customers address the challenges of SOA in the enterprise. The MSE fully enables service virtualization […]