Windows Phone “Mango”

“Mango Helps Microsoft Make Inroads in Mobile Market”, “Mango is an evolutionary release. Multitasking and the addition of a better browser in the form of IE9 add functionality that was sorely lacking in the initial release of Windows Phone,” said Will Croft, an analyst with Wireless Intelligence. “Arguably, these were always table stakes given […]

Begin development on Windows 7 Mobile

Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta, 26.07.2010 Windows Phone 7 Training Kit for Developers – Beta Refresh, 12.07.2010

Windows Mobile 7 is Not Backwards Compatible

Microsoft: no backwards compatibility for Windows Phone 7 windows mobile 7 early build hands on review, not compatible with old apps Windows Mobile 7 Not Backwards Compatible Mobile Device Platforms Distribution Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Device Sales Grew 13.8 Percent in Second Quarter of 2010, But Competition Drove Prices Down List […]